Transactional Services

Our management team has significant mortgage-related capital markets experience. We have priced and sold loans, negotiated agreements, managed securitizations, and delivered loans to the agencies. Our firm can provide a highly qualified, capital markets team on a transaction-by-transaction basis or on a long-term basis.

On-Demand or Long-Term Transactional Services

IngletBlair can provide a highly qualified, capital markets team on a transaction-by-transaction basis or on a long-term basis.

Contract Review & Negotiation

Our dedicated transactional services team has reviewed and negotiated hundreds of mortgage-related contracts from purchase and sale agreements, servicing agreements, custodial agreements, warehouse lending agreements, and various vendor services agreements. We can help you understand the risk in each agreement and help turn the "legal jargon" into plain English.

Collateral / Legal Document Review

IngletBlair can perform a thorough review of all legal documents to ensure you can perfect your interest in a loan. In addition to the basic review of ensuring the legal documents match the origination documents, we review:

  • Notes and riders, if any,
  • Mortgage instruments and assignments
  • Endorsement and assignment chains
  • Modification and assumption agreements
  • Forms used
  • Condominium/Co-op documents
  • CEMA documents
  • Your data versus the information contained in the documents
  • Documents properly executed and notarized
  • Missing or incomplete documents
  • Validity of the title policy

Managing Asset Settlements

If you are short-staffed or simply want to ensure your assets settlements run smoothly, our staff has managed hundreds of transaction settlements. We can calculate and tie-out funding memos, ensure collateral has been reviewed and certified, all agreements and other transaction documents have been fully executed and all funds have been properly transferred.

Asset Auctions

IngletBlair can manage the auction sale of small to large packages of mortgage-related assets. We have an extensive network of buyers for performing to non-performing assets. During the process, we analyze your package of assets, discuss our findings and help manage your expectations of the market. Prior to marketing, we help you clear any data or document deficiencies. We will seek multiple indicative bids and help you evaluate each bid. We will help you determine if competitive due diligence and final bid phase is more advantageous to a sole award of due diligence and final bid.

Advisory & Brokerage Services

Our unique team is highly skilled in many facets of the mortgage business. If you are looking to buy or sell a mortgage-related firm, IngletBlair can help you seek out acquisitions or perform corporate/operational-level due diligence. Additionally, if you are an active buyer of mortgage loans, we can do reverse inquires of our clients and find loans to meet your criteria.

Custodian & Servicer Relationship Set-Up

If you need a third-party custodian or servicer, let IngletBlair help you find the right third-party provider for your needs. We have relationship with every major custodian and industry-leading servicers. We'll help you alleviate the long search and vetting process and get your established in your new relationship quickly and efficiently.