Inglet Blair's Quality Control provides accurate and quantifiable results that servicers can use to track performance and measure the effectiveness of their processes and procedures.

With the increase in government-related originations, a rigorous QC audit is more important than ever. Our QC audit services will satisfy all of the FHA/VA and GSE requirements. The scope of the audit will be based on the loan type and QC plan in place, but we will ensure that all agency requirements are satisfied. The following areas and procedures can be assessed, based on your specific needs:

  • Borrower accounts, fees and charges
  • Payoffs and pre-payments
  • Transfer or boarding of servicing
  • Adjustments of ARM loans
  • Collection policies and procedures
  • Default reporting and processing\
  • Modifications and assumptions
  • Short sales and reviews
  • Bankruptcy, foreclosures and deed-in-lieu
  • Property preservation and inspection procedures
  • Claims and conveyances

Using the applicable QC plan, Inglet Blair works with our clients to develop reports that will provide quantifiable, usable information for internal improvement. This detailed reporting can be used to close the feedback loop and, in turn, correct operational deficiencies and establish operational benchmarks. Afterward, we can regularly re-evaluate your operation to ensure its continued improvement toward a best-in-class operation.

Quality Control For Loan Servicing

Inglet Blair works with our clients to develop reports that will provide quantifiable, usable information for internal improvement.

Loan Modification

Inglet Blair can provide you with an outsourced solution to your loan modification needs. Whether you need help with only one aspect or the entire process, we have the staff, technology, and credit culture to quickly and accurately modify your loans. We have the capabilities to:

  • Evaluate borrower credit
  • Calculate new loan terms and re-capitalize payments
  • Manage document preparation
  • Perform quality control reviews to ensure packages for accuracy
  • Engage and manage a dedicated call center
  • Prepare and ship the modification documents
  • Coordinate notary services
  • Return the executed modification documents to the appropriate custodian
  • Deliver new loan term data to the servicer

Mortgage Insurance Claims

Frequently in today's market, servicers face a high volume of denied mortgage insurance claims, and the reasons for denial are often minor or questionable. Inglet Blair can help you manage this time - and labor-intensive claims process. We can review your loan files and corresponding insurance claims for accuracy and completeness to minimize the potential for denial. Should you already have a backlog of denied claims, we can review each denial and, if possible, re-submit the claim with appropriate documentation and a rebuttal to seek recovery on the claim.

Data Integrity / Data Scrubs

Nothing is more important than the accuracy and completeness of data. It is the foundation upon which your business is built. Whether you are servicing loans, buying or selling loans, or transferring loans to the agencies, you cannot succeed without quality data.

At Inglet Blair, we have assembled a dedicated staff to review the data elements in each loan file and compare them to the information in your systems or on a provided data tape. Our staff will enter all data into our data management system, which will run validations to ensure the accuracy of the information. Any discrepancies will be flagged and reported to you for review and correction.