Shelby Grammer joined Inglet Blair nearly four years ago and has been an invaluable asset to the team ever since. As Executive Administrator, she is focused on ensuring the entire organization is running seamlessly. From coordinating meetings, to managing projects and assisting clients, Shelby is the backbone that makes sure the company is a well-oiled machine. 

Her Bachelors degree in Hospitality Management and prior customer service experience have allowed Shelby to flourish in her role with the company.

Q: What’s one resolution or goal you have for 2024?

A work-related goal I have for myself this year is to focus on increasing my excel skills, including taking classes to grow my knowledge and be able to fully utilize the software. I also want to keep increasing my knowledge of the mortgage industry as a whole and understanding loan files, documents, and reviews. A non-work-related goal I have for myself this year is to make a sourdough starter and bread! I have a true passion for baking whether it is cookies, cupcakes, cakes, etc. and I have always wanted to make a sourdough starter at home!

Q: You’ve been gifted a plane ticket to visit another country. Where are you going?

Italy or Croatia would be absolutely amazing! It has also always been a dream of mine to take a European river cruise as well! 

Q: What smell, image, or sound triggers nostalgia for you?

The smell of classic gasoline in an old car always brings me back to riding in the rumble seat of my dad’s 1930 Model A and all of the old car shows we attended together (and still do). Every year his antique car club would put on a Father’s Day car show and there would be hundreds of old cars to look at, and the smell of old gasoline would fill the air. Although the Model A is not currently running, we are working on starting it up again. 

Q: What’s your favorite thing about your job?

Whether it is answering client questions, helping a colleague with access issues, assigning loans, or taking notes for a meeting, I love that I am able to help everyone! My favorite part of my job is being an instrument to helping the team succeed! I love being able to learn new things each day and being a go-to person for questions!