Who We Serve

Inglet Blair provides a comprehensive suite of services to meet any mortgage-related need from origination to disposition. Our seasoned staff of mortgage professionals, includes accountants, appraisers, underwriters, and contract and capital market specialists. Every member of our staff has prior mortgage-related experience.

Our experienced team provides high-quality, cost-effective services reflecting the highest standard of ethics and professionalism. The firm's proprietary technology provides consistent risk analysis and complete, accurate data capture along with flexible reporting capabilities.

Designed for the Financial Services Industry


Inglet Blair has the expertise to help originators deal with a broad range of issues from processing to quality control. Every day we help originators building and maintain successful operations. Let's us tailor our services to meet your individual needs.


Residential mortgage servicing is more challenging than ever. You have to be nimble and creative. You have to provide solutions to borrowers, investors and regulators. Our team can partner with you to craft those solutions and create a best-in class servicing organization.

Government Agencies & GSEs

Today's government agencies and GSEs have unprecedented burdens to solve critical problems in the mortgage market. Inglet Blair has a deep expertise and provides services to help you face those challenges.

Bond Insurers & Rating Agencies

Bond Insurers and Rating Agencies have a duty to understand the quality of mortgage loans. Our due diligence and operational review give you the insight you need to make decisions to provide your self and the investing public.

Investment Banks & Hedge Funds

Understanding what you are buying or what you have bought is key to understanding your risk. Since our inception, our firm has been building on understanding and interrupting risk. Our review and transaction services will give you the clarity to make informed decisions to manage and profit from mortgage risk.

Warehouse Lenders

Successful warehouse lending requires managing a broad range of risks from counterparty risk to loan level quality. Our staff is experienced in mortgage origination operations, as well as hands on underwriting. We can assist you to understanding the complete picture of any counterparty.